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A little about Tiffany...


Tiffany grew up in a city nearby Los Angeles, California with her amazing family.


She never gave modeling much of a thought going through school and church- brushing it off- thinking it wasn't for her. She did, however, love taking photos with friends, participating in student made films, as well as singing and dancing in theatre productions from time to time.


Modeling was introduced to her while in high school, and the photographer, Sandy Clemons, pulled her aside, and said that if Tiffany worked hard, she could do this as her career. Tiffany thought, "Why not?" And she fell in love with the industry!


Modeling and acting in California soon spread to New York, and she moved to the big apple in 2013. Although jobs didn't start coming right away, she enjoyed getting to know the city and what it had to offer, and bartended/waitressed in restaurants in Times Square.

While she worked in the city in the restaurant business, she began hunting once again for gigs in modeling, acting, singing, and/or dancing. 


Seemingly living on one coast or the other, Tiffany continues to go and stay where work leads her, and it usually alternates between New York, and Los Angeles.

So it is always good to have a good attitude and have your game face on, no matter where you are! Because as they say,


Billion dollar deals happen in elevators.




"If you make your career something you love, you'll never 'work' a day of your life."


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